About the Iroquois Falls Arts Council

**THIS IS A SCHOOL PROJECT NOT THE ACTUAL IFAC WEBSITE. Content, phone #s etc are not real.**


The original Iroquois Falls Arts Council formed in 1987 when it was decided the town needed a venue for theater and dance. Their mandate was to raise the funds and awareness required to purchase a building and equip it with the required stages and seating. The local Secondary School turned out to have the perfect space when during major renovations they discovered there was a huge unused space connecting the old building to the new building. So rather than build a new facility, they partnered with the District School Board Ontario North East and worked on an agreement that benefitted the school board, the Arts Council and the Town of Iroquois Falls.

When they accomplished the renovations in 1989, they gave themselves a new mandate and that was to attract theater groups and dance academies in the regionĀ and to fill the 400 seats. They did a wonderful job and Iroquois Falls youth and adults had been treated to several English and French performances throughout the next 20 years. In 1995, the Arts Council no longer felt they had a significant role to play in the community and due to aging members and the inability to attract new interest from younger community members, they began to disband.

**insert photo of The Marie and Dr. Michael Boyle Community Auditorium.

Our Spearheading Committee

Today, interest has renewed and we are in the process of reforming the Iroquois Falls Arts Council. On October 23, 2017, we held a public meeting to determine if there was enough interest amongst the community members to reform the existing but non-functioning organization. Several people attended and we were able to answer questions and asked for volunteers to spearhead the development of the new Arts Council. The following seven people volunteered and met to discuss the Vision, and Direction of the new arts council.

  • Robin Edmunds
  • Stephanie Delaurier
  • Roy Takyesu
  • Fran Cote
  • Erin Thompson
  • Tamara Morrissette
  • Elizabeth King

These seven people have been meeting once a month and continue to research during their spare time, to come up with a Vision Statement, and a Mission Statement. They have also attended as a team, the community meeting held in January to learn more about the proposed Iroquois Falls Community Arts and Culture Centre. *Note: Elizabeth King has stepped down due to personal reasons.

Stay tuned for the community outreach meeting coming September 2018.


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